Thursday, October 15, 2015

last wk11 of my degree

oh yeah..
it is 12am d..
mean now date is 151015..
lol din realize is this good number..

so now is wk11 liao..
1 more wk to fns my studies..
2 more wk to fns my presentation..
3 more wk to start my final exam..
4 more wk to fns my final exam..
wow.. time flies huh..

out of sudden... i feel like singing
时光 时光 慢些吧
pls dun run so faz..
though half of the reason is i keep wasting time to do something else
but still.. pls spare me sometime..

ahhh!! scream!!
wan this to end so bad..
but i dw it end so badly...
so many to write..
but i duno how to write..
how ahhhhhhh!!!!!

think a positive way.. 
i finally can get my degree..n go earn money liao..
no more study life..
lets hope this ll end good.. time to type so long..

after i submit my fyp report k?
see ya..miss me pls..
i noe u will..

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